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Wedding Stationery- Why Wedding Bundles Are The Way To Go

unmeasured events title blog infographic that shows the title of the blog is dark pink calligraphy letters on a lightgrey background. all via unmeasured events

Collage of all the NINA collection items featured in a wedding bundle, along with the card that shows the color scheme and what the collection is all about in a fun font. all via unmeasured events.

The Entire NINA Collection by Unmeasured Events

When you start looking for wedding stationery and wedding invitations there are a lot of different option, styles and types of pieces that you're looking it. It can feel overwhelming, but it can also be a lot of fun. If you're looking for easy to use templates and designs that also work well for the couple on a budget, bundles are a smart way to go. They tend to be less pricey, but can still be beautiful and completely customizable. So if you're just starting out looking for stationery pieces, we're here to give a little extra guidance. We'll break down everything you need to know, and showcase everything that comes in one of our wedding bundle collections. Keep reading to see why we think they're a great way to get everything you need for your wedding stationery.

Why Wedding Bundles?

Why should you choose wedding bundles? The best answer is to save money- wedding bundles can be a more budget friendly option, and a better way to get everything you need all in one go. Oftentimes, they also include something you might not know you needed, or didn't think you needed, which can be an added bonus. They are also perfect if you want one overall look for your wedding day, or you want to focus on one particular color scheme.

Here's Everything Included In An Unmeasured Events Wedding Bundle:

Below is breakdown of every stationery piece that would come in a wedding bundle set, including their measurements. For this example, we'll be using our NINA Collection to highlight the specialties of our wedding bundles. This specific design features a modern minimalist design with earthy sage green and gray tones. You can edit the wording, font and font colors, background colors, and can even add your own photos where applicable. You'll receive the following pieces of stationery:

Save The Date

Starting at the very being of the wedding stationery process is the save the date. You want your guests to know when you're planning on having your wedding, and a save the date helps them plan accordingly. These 5x7" photo save the date versions offer a front and back template style that allows you to add your favorite engagement or couple's photo, along with a minimalist design with cute fonts. It's a fun way to start the excitement of your wedding planning journey.

NINA collection save the date photo card that shows one card with writing and another with a photo of a couple kissing and more writing. this template features a modern minimalist design with earthy sage green and gray tones. all via unmeasured events.

3-Piece Wedding Invitation Suite

One of the main parts of any wedding stationery bundle kit, is the wedding invitation itself. This 3-piece invitation suite features three separate pieces of stationery: An invitation measuring at 5x7", a 5.5x4.25" details insert card, and a 5x3.5" RSVP card for keeping track of who will be attending the big day. Customize them with your wedding date and details for your perfect wedding invite, and at their size they easily fit in most standard envelopes. Guests will love receiving these beautiful invitations in the mail and will be excited to celebrate your upcoming nuptials upon its arrival.

NINA Collection 3-piece wedding invitation suite that show an invitation, details card, and rsvp card all on a tan wicker placemat. this template features a modern minimalist design with earthy sage green and gray tones. all via unmeasured events.

Printed Envelopes

Now that you've got your invitations, you need envelopes to mail them out if you're not using a mail service (if you're trying to budget, this is a great option to try and minimize some costs). These envelopes have the same sage green font color that can be seen throughout the collection to keep it similar (envelopes in bundle sets should match your stationery overall), and a pretty minimalist feel.

Printing options are as follows:

∙ A7 Envelope - Recipient + Return

∙ A1 Envelope - Recipient

∙ A2 Envelope - Recipient

These can be printed at home, but if you're unsure, any professional printing company can help create what you're looking for.

NINA Collection sage green writing envelopes from unmeasured events that shows the front and backside of an envelope for three pieces. this collection is modern minimalist in design. all via unmeasured events

Wedding Welcome Sign

For welcoming guests into your ceremony, you'll want a sign that perfectly details it's your special day. This stationery template is offered in sizes of 18x24"(shown below), or 24x36", giving you a couple of options for how large you want it to be. We recommend these be printed on large foam boards or heavy card stock for stability. You can print foam boards at your local Staples, Office Depot, Walmart, etc. Decorate it with florals or on a metal stand to give it some extra decorative style.

woman's hand holding up a NINA Collection wedding welcome sign up from Unmeasured Events. This printable template template features a modern minimalist design with earthy sage green and gray tones. all via unmeasured events.

Wedding Program Timeline

For use during your wedding ceremony, a wedding program that doubles as a timeline of events is the way to go. Fill in all of the important details, including members of the bridal party, parents, and all of the best moments to come. These make great souvenirs as well, and guests love to have something on hand. This double-sides program comes in sizes of 4x8" (pictured below) or 6x9".

Both sides of the NINA Collection unmeasured events wedding template timeline that shows what a potential wedding could look like in white writing. this tempalte template features a modern minimalist design with earthy sage green and gray tones. all via unmeasured events.

Seating Chart

To be used at your reception, you'll want a seating chart that allows for enough room for all your guests that also stays true to your wedding theme or colors. This landscape mode sign is measured in sizes of 18x24" or 36x24" (pictured below). Just like the wedding welcome sign, this stationery piece is best when printed on heavier card stock or foam board. If you're wondering what size is best for your invite list, below are the best sizes for the number of guests:

∙ Seating Chart - 36x24" (300 guests)

∙ Seating Chart - 24x18" (150 guests)

NINA Collection landscape seating chart from Unmeasured Events standing on a wood easel against a brick wall. this tempalte template features a modern minimalist design with earthy sage green and gray tones. all via unmeasured events.

Escort Place Cards

Once guests have found their table number, they'll need to make their way there. An escort card with their table number and name is perfect organization and marks where someone will be seated, and can also act as a placeholder if that guests gets up at any point in the reception. These tented or flat-option place cards templates are customizable for the following sizes:

∙ Tented Place Cards - 3.5x2"

∙ Flat Place Cards - 3.5x2"

Tented versions have a backside that is also 3.5x2" to allow them for easy fold and stand-up assembly.

Unmeasured Events place card tented and  placed on a wicker place mat. This NINA Collection template template features a modern minimalist design with earthy sage green and gray tones. all via unmeasured events.

Table Numbers

For the reception tables, this template is great for making sure guests know exactly what table they're meant to be at. These table numbers come in measurements of either 4x6" or 5x7" (pictured below) and have an adorable portrait mode look. They look good in gold or silver frames to keep them both sturdy and prevent them from damage. Note: the place card pictured below is the same one talked about earlier and is printed in a flat version.

NINA Collection table numbers and placed card (placed on a white plate) standing on a wicker place mat surrounded by boho elements. this template template features a modern minimalist design with earthy sage green and gray tones. all via unmeasured events.

Dinner Table Menu

Printed dinner menus are underrated for your wedding reception. Keep guests in the know with what food offerings will be coming their way- who doesn't love seeing all the delicious menu choices, especially dessert? Table menus are offered in sizes of 5x7" or 3.5x8.5" (pictured below) and are also 100% customizable. It's an easy way to dress up your reception tables and take them to the next level.

Front and back of an Unmeasured Events NINA Collection dinner menu item, placed next to a flower. this template template features a modern minimalist design with earthy sage green and gray tones. all via unmeasured events.

Thank You Gift Tags

Don't let your guests leave your wedding empty handed, even if it's with something as small as a little dessert for them to take home. A personalized thank you tag is the best way to say how grateful you are. These 3.5x2" tags are easy to make and will show you went the extra effort with your stationery. Make them into stickers or punch a hole in the top and tie them with colorful ribbon for easy placement.

close up the NINA Collection thank you gift tag from unmeasured events placed next to a leaf and with a fabric string tied through. this template template features a modern minimalist design with earthy sage green and gray tones. all via unmeasured events.

Marriage Certificate

One of the most intimate and beautiful parts of a wedding is signing the marriage certificate. Couple's usually complete this portion of their marriage on a boring courthouse document that totally voids the beauty in the sealing of their marriage. There is no reason this document should be anything less than a visually pleasing reminder of your special day. Customize the wording with your wedding vows, or a personal note, and frame it to keep it in prime condition. Template offered in sizes of 8x10" or 16x20".

woman in a grey shirt and blue jeans holding a pink flower, and the NINA collection marriage certificate in a white frame. this template has a modern minimalist design in a sage green font. all via unmeasured events

Custom Signs

Sometimes you don't even realize you need a sign for something specific or you want to make a sign that is completely personal and unique to you. That's where a custom sign comes in. These landscape and portrait mode versions match the same style as the rest of the collection and can be fully edited, including adding in photos if you wanted. They are available in 8x10" in either printing mode.

Thank You Cards

The final stationery piece is one of the most important. You can't forget to let your guests and those who sent gifts and congratulations that you appreciated them being a part of your day. These printable tent fold thank you cards are sized at 5.5x4.25" and are easy to edit and download (matching sized envelopes are not included).

close up of the NINA Collection thank you card from unmeasured events placed on it's white envelope counterpart. this template template features a modern minimalist design with earthy sage green and gray tones. all via unmeasured events.

As always, many of these designs can be printed at home for your convenience or if you're short on time (with the exception of larger pieces, like seating charts and welcome signs which we recommend be printed at any local print shop who can print these items on heavy card stock or foam boards for a sturdier product). However, if you're looking for a professional, we can't say enough good things about our favorite printer Prints of Love! They offer free 2-3 day shipping and plant a tree with every order. You'll get high quality products at a reasonable price you'll love. It's the easiest way to get your best wedding signage, so you can spend less time on planning, and more time on enjoying your special day.

Some Comparisons:

There are a few other places where you can find wedding bundles. Here's what we found:

  • "Marry Me Paper Boutique" has similar bundles for a slightly different piece, but are missing a few key items like save the dates, and envelopes for mailing out the invitations.

  • "The Printable Shop Co" is also a good comparison, but their bundle backs are missing welcome signs, and even seating charts.

  • "Minted" does not have a similar bundle type, and is much higher in price when it comes to individual stationery pieces, and with their bundles, you're missing out on a lot of reception pieces, including seating charts and table numbers. There is also less room for total customization with some of their designs and not as many printing options.

Final Thoughts

Bundling your wedding stationery is a great option if you're looking for a cohesive style and look to your wedding day, and are also looking to get the best wedding stationery possible while on a budget. There's a style or option for everyone and not only can it save you money, but it can save you time, too. You won't have to search for different product and designs. It also gives your special day a definitive look from start to finish, so your wedding day can have one design that ties it all together. If you loved the idea of wedding bundles but maybe the exact style we chose to show isn't what you're looking for, check our our wedding bundle collection right HERE.


There's something wonderful about using the same and consistent style for your wedding day stationery. Did you use one of our wedding bundle sets and want to share your thoughts? Share your experience and photos with us- we love to see them! Questions or comments? Drop us a message via Etsy or Instagram to connect and share your thoughts. Planning your wedding day or another event? That's where we come in. Let us help take the stress out of event planning- For more wedding inspiration, subscribe to the email list, follow us on Pinterest and scroll down below to save 10% on templates. That way, you can focus on what really matters.

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