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Totally Rad- Plan The Coolest 90's Bachelorette

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The 90's are making a comeback, and honestly, we're here for it! Bright colors, funky shapes, and creative fashion are all coming back in style. It also just happens to make for a fun way to party, especially for a bachelorette. This is one of our favorite bachelorette party themes- it's incredibly fun, a little nostalgic and is certainly one that you and your girls won't soon forget. Wondering about what items you need for this party (besides watching "Clueless" or blasting "The Spice Girls")? We've got you covered with items we think you'll love- keep reading to see our list that will help make your 90's themed bachelorette totally rad. So pull out your Lisa Frank notebook and your butterfly hair clips and get ready to start planning your coolest event yet.

Theme Matching Party Invites

Take it back to the 90's with your bachelorette invites! We love a themed invitation- they set the tone for your event, and help your girls prepare for what's to come. Featuring 90's inspired graphics like ring pops and peace fingers, along with retro fonts and a neon color scheme. Double sided, you can write out all of your event information, and with the itinerary on the back you can detail all the fun that's coming their way. This template is fully editable, so you can create a one of a kind invitation that works for you and all of your event details. These 5x7" invitations can be downloaded and printed at home for your convenience, or at a professional printer. We recommend Prints of Love- They offer free 2-3 day shipping and plant a tree with every order. Perfect for your events and for doing a little good for the environment.

TOPANGA collection 90's theme bachelorette that bachelorette party invitation template that  features back to the 90's inspired graphics and fonts. invitation is on a yarn place met. All via unmeasured events

TOPANGA Collection Bachelorette Invites by Unmeasured Events

Decorative Balloons

What's a bachelorette party with decorations? We can't get enough of these 90's themed balloons! The balloons kit features the "bach to the 90's" lettering with the option to add on fun and rainbow colored roller skates. The wording can be printed in a variety of colors, so you can find the color scheme that's best for you. Each piece measures 13.5" when inflated, and are recommended to be taped to a wall. Create a fun party decoration by adding streamers and having it be a photo prop or just as a decorative wall piece. They arrive deflated, but come with the tools needed to inflate them to size (note: these balloons will not float with helium). These balloons are bound to be a hit!

"bach to the 90's" balloons with a neon balloon in the shape of a roller skate. All via unmeasured events

90's Balloon Banner by Cher Can Do It

90's Style Tank Tops

How cute are these neon 90's tank tops?! Themed shirts are always a great idea for a bachelorette, and these ones are just too fun to pass up. Inspired from the cult movie "Clueless", it's the perfect addition to your 90's bach. You can also personalize them with you and your girls names for a more customized look. Available in a variety of different colors, and sizes from S to 2XL, you can find the perfect one for everyone. Something to note: these tend to run a little large in size, so we recommend purchasing a size smaller than normal.

"totally the bride " and "as if" tank tops on glitter hangers. All via unmeasured events

Bachelorette Party Shirts by Be Ever Thine Bride

Retro Print Tumblers

Customized drink tumblers are a wonderful gift to give your girls as a thank you for attending your bachelorette weekend. Every time they use them they'll be reminded of how much fun they had celebrating with you. Plus, this retro and funky 90's print is amazing! These stainless steel handmade tumblers hold up to 20oz, and are insulated just enough to keep your beverages at their perfect temperature. Personalize them with your girls name in a hot pink font that they'll adore. Made from non-toxic and BPA free materials, you know it's good. You and your girls will love how fun and practical they are!

90's neon print drink tumblers with geoprint graphics and hot pink names with straws coming out the tops. All via unmeasured events

Party Tumblers by Bash House

90's Print Party Game

Entertain your girls and get to know each other a little better with this bachelorette party game. This cute drinking game template matches the theme, and is a great way to have a little fun during your weekend. So pour a drink, ask the prompts, and take a sip if any of the questions apply to you. This 5x7" printable template features the same 90's graphics as the invite mentioned prior, and can also be printed at home, making your bachelorette party planning easy. They are completely customizable, so you can write out your own questions. Looking for even more matching party games? Check out the collection HERE

TOPANGA "Drink If" from Unmeasured events game printable template. This DIY printable bachelorette game template features fun back to the 90's themed graphics and fonts. All on a white background. all via unmeasured events

TOPANGA Bachelorette Game by Unmeasured Events

90's Trivia Board Game

Relive the 90's and its pop culture moments with this fun party game! Everything from your favorite nostalgic tv shows, the music and fashion, to the gadgets you couldn't live without, you and your girls can test your childhood knowledge. With over 200 trivia cards, and 400 questions, this game is guaranteed to entertain you for hours. Put on your best 90's playlist and get ready for a trip down memory lane that everyone will love.

"Hella 90's" board game with neon and 90's print art on a white box. All via unmeasured events

90's Trivia Game by Buffalo Games

"Spice Girls" Inspired Photo Props

We know that the 90's were all about the boy bands, but we can't forget the biggest girl group of the decade! The Spice Girls were an iconic part of those years, making fun pop music that still makes everyone sing today. Who doesn't bust out when "wannabe" starts blasting? If you or any of your girls are fans, these photo props are just the thing. This set comes with 18 different icons, including all the different spice girls, British symbols, and some larger than life lollipops. Set up a photo backdrop, and let the fun begin!

spice girl themed photo props in a 90's pop theme look on wooden sticks. All via unmeasured events

"Spice Girl" Themed Photo Props by Bespoke Bride Shop

Neon 90's Cookies

You can never go wrong with party treats! Themed cookies are our favorite bachelorette food- they can really tie things together and it shows your guests how much detail you put into your event, plus they're small enough you won't feel guilty if you have more than one (or even two!). These adorable 90's inspired creations are incredible, and perfectly match this party theme. There are so many talented bakers who can create adorable pieces like the ones below - find your nearest baker, or search on instagram for someone in your area who specializes in custom treats. We're seriously obsessed with those roller skate cookies!

neon roller skates, ring pops, and cassette tapes cookies on a piece of wood. All via unmeasured events

90's Themed Cookies by Greendoor Bakery New Lenox

Neon Fanny Packs

Is there anything more 90's fashion that a a fanny pack (even though they're making a huge comeback!)? These bright neon, customizable versions are the essential accessory for your girls weekend. Personalize them with your favorite 90's phrase, your girls names, or anything you want. Even better is that you can pick from a big selection of color combinations and fonts, making these a true custom gift. Handmade from nylon and vinyl, they're small enough to carry around, but large enough to hold your essentials hands free all while making a fashion statement.

neon green "as if" fanny packs surrounding a white "totally the wife" white fanny pack. All via unmeasured events

Neon Fanny Packs by Sara B's Designs

Hangover Kits

When the festivities are over, give your girls (and yourself) a little boost to help everyone feel better and recover from all those hard seltzers. These recovery kits have everything you need to get back to your pre-party state: Advil, hydration packets, mints, makeup remover, sanitizer, a hair tie, and just in case bandaids. You can purchase these kits in regular size or deluxe which come with extra supplies for all your adventures. With a fun 90's themed sticker you can customize, these clear pouch kits are just what you need for your fun girls weekend.

hangover kit surrounded by items like bandaids, mints, pain meds, etc all in a clear zip bag. All via unmeasured events

Hangover Kits by Homemade by Mackenzie

Hidden Pocket Scrunchies

Scrunchies are totally back in style. But forget your regular basic ones- these velvet versions have a hidden pocket for your smallest essentials, making them the perfect going out accessory. These 4" pieces offer a small hidden side zipper so you can place your keys or some cash for safekeeping, and add some style to your look. Offered in shades of lavender and blue, they match just about any outfit. Keep your belonging safe and create a cute ponytail. Sounds pretty awesome if you ask us.

black and pink scrunches with secret pockets- money and a key can be shown in the photo on/in the scrunchy. All via unmeasured events

Hidden Pocket Scrunchies by Uncommon Goods

Here's to your best 90's bachelorette- We're outie!


How did we do with our 90's themed bachelorette party ideas? Let us know! Questions or comments? Send us an email via Etsy or Instagram- we want to hear from you. For more inspiration like this, subscribe to our list to get your weekly dose straight to your inbox. Planning an Event? Let us help-Visit our Etsy shop for our easy to use DIY templates to help make event planning as easy as possible. Don't forget to tag us in your event photos for a future shoutout!



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