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The Easiest Holiday Gift Guide- Gifts Everyone on your List will Love!

cover photo for the Unmeasured Events blog that features two separate photos. The top left photo is a dog watercolor painting and the bottom right photo is a leather duffle bag. Via the blog

Stressing about what to get your loved ones for the Holidays? Not sure where to start? No need to worry! You've got enough going on without having to stress about grabbing gifts, so we've done the work for you. We've collected a list of items for everyone on your list that they will love, making gift giving as easy as possible. Keep scrolling for items we know you'll love.

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Gifts For Him

Photo of a DIY whiskey kit that shows liquid items to make whiskey as well as different spices and seasonings. There are metal cubes to the left of the photo. All items are in front of a cardboard box with a blue ribbon on the right side

Whiskey Making Kit by Vincent and Leon Horst

For the man who loves whiskey, why not a DIY whiskey kit? This DIY whiskey kit features everything he'll need to create a custom whiskey cocktail (whiskey not included). Three types of wood chips, a variety of botanicals, glass bottles with wooden corks and even stainless steel whiskey cubes. Perfect for the man who wants something completely unique that he can share with his friends and family and whiskey drinkers alike.

photo of an opening of a toiletry kit that shows two open sides with items that are toiletries. You can see items for shaving an hygiene and both sides. Bag is resting on a hardwood table.

Monogrammed Toiletry Bag by JJ Leatherhouse

If the man in your life has all of his hygiene tools scattered all over, this is a classy upgrade for holding everything in one place. Made from waterproof PU leather, it looks elegant and will be well received. It can be personalized with monogram lettering so that it's not made for just anyone, but someone special. There are multiple side pockets, so everything can be stored in one spot.

Gifts For Her

Photo of a bamboo extendable/adjustable bathtub wine holder that allows you to place anything you want above the water, so you can relax in the tub hands free. A woman is drinking a glass of wine in the tub with her hair in a bun

Adjustable bamboo bath caddy by Golden Creazione

This bathtub caddy takes relaxation to the next level! Adjustable, it fits across most bathtubs so that you can have a glass of wine, watch a movie on your phone or iPad, all hands free. Its foldable legs make it easy to store, and it has anti-slip arms for a secure grip on your tub. Perfect for the ultimate evening of relaxation.

Photo of a woman holding a wire mesh produce basket that has an assortment of fruits and veggies in it. Woman is walking through a forest and is holding the basket from its handle on her forearm with her back to the camera.

Gardeners Harvest Basket by UncommonGoods

Perfect for the gardener in your life who wants to grab as much produce as possible without all the mess. This handmade pine and wire mesh basket allows you to hold as much as you can carry, and makes it easy to remove dirt or debris before transporting all those fresh veggies from the garden to the table.

Gifts For Couples

Photo of a holiday or Christmas ornament by Unmeasured Designs. A Christmas tree can be seen in the background. The ornament is round, white and with black lettering. It features a custom design of a house and "new home" written on it with details about the family. All deigns by Unmeasured Designs.

First Christmas Ornament by Unmeasured Designs

For the couple who recently moved into a new place together and are sharing their first Christmas or holiday as a family, this ornament will make this Christmas extra special. This ornament can be personalized to detail exactly when the couple celebrated this milestone, so they will always have a memento that they can put up as a reminder, year after year. Gifts that are personalized always feel a little more special.

Photo of a large tan duffle bag facing the front of the camera. A man's hand can be seen holding the bag by the two handles. The duffle bag is made of leather material and shows a travel tag in the front

Travel Leather Duffle Bag by CKR Leather

Calling all travel lovers! This leather travel duffle bag is the ultimate bag for you and your adventures. Made from real leather, it looks stylish and timeless while it holds everything you need for a getaway. Offered in a variety of sizes and colors, there's one that will work for anything you need. The X-Large duffles even have a shoe compartment! It's also customizable, with monogramming available on the luggage tag. You won't find a better travel bag.

Gifts For Kids

Photo of a child climbing on a foldable wooden climbing triable. Child is sitting on the top of the folding climbing triangle in an all white room and hardwood floors

Foldable Montessori Climbing Triangle by Shop Joey CO

This climbing triangle is a great gift for the little ones who like to jump and climb on all the furniture! Foldable, it makes for easy storage as well so it's easily put away. Developed to help with motor skills and balance, it's as much a toy as it is a learning tool. Included is a reversible climbing accessory for more dynamic playtime. Kids will have a blast on this mini playground!

photo of a toy slingshot made of wood with soft balls in the background. A child is seen holding the box open and the camera angle is from above. There is a Christmas tree in the background

Soft Felt Ball Slingshot Kit by Busy Puzzle

If you're looking for a gift that's not technology centric, but will still be found enjoyable for children, this wooden slingshot is perfect (not to worry! The slingshot balls are made of felt for a softer impact). Handmade of wooden materials, it's made sturdier than a plastic one, so it will last much longer. This shop will allow you to add a custom name engraving to the slingshot making it an extra special heirloom style gift. Also a great learning tool, it can help teach kids hand eye coordination during playtime!

Gifts For Pets & Pet Lovers

Photo of a watercolor portrait of a dog that is handmade. In the painting, the dog is lying on a bed and looking at the camera

Custom Watercolor Pet Portrait by Artze Store

If your animals are more than just pets, why not turn them into works of art? This unique gift will wow any pet lover- send in a copy of the animal that you want to be captured, and this talented artist will turn the photo into a cool genuine watercolor painting. You will be impressed with the detail and accuracy! The paintings look exactly like your fur baby, and even their favorite toys can be included. These photo portraits make great memorials to someone who has recently lost a pet, immortalizing them in a personalized manner.

Photo of a dog on a custom made dog bed that is hand woven. Dog is lying on the bed looking at the camera underneath a blanket. There is a white mantle in the background and a green holiday wreath

Handmade Pet Bed by Home by Design DUA

Even pets want a little bit of luxury! This custom made pet bed is handmade using a high quality material in elephant grass, and each bed is handwoven for a relaxation spot that is unlike any other. Each bed comes with a plush cushion, for the ultimate in comfort for your pets. Treat your pets to one of the best beds they could possibly sleep in- we all know they're worth it.

Gifts For Families

Photo off all white gingerbread house with a red door and red shutter. There are also green wreaths on the front of the door and on the windows. House is on a white lazy Susan. A lit up Christmas tree can be seen in the background

Gingerbread Cookie Cutter House Kit by Spot Industries CO

Bring the family together by building a gingerbread house made from scratch. This cookie cutter kit features the shapes of a house, complete with a roof and windows. You can make one or even create a small village of gingerbread homes. It's a great activity for everyone of all ages and will surely bring the holiday spirit. We recommend this gingerbread recipe here . It's perfect for making delicious dough to build your cookie house.

Photo of "boomers vs. millennials" card game. four cards are shown top left is white with writing and top right is a black card that says "boomers"; Bottom left of photo is a white card with writing and bottom right is a yellow card that says "millennials"

Millennials vs. Boomers Trivia Game by Uncommon Goods

Who doesn't love a good a party game? This game will be a hit with the entire family. Everyone from young to old will love this game. You can find out once and for all which generation knows more about the other one? A fun trivia challenge, this will get the competitive energy fired up, and will be a huge party hit. The best part about this game is that there's no rules, so things are bound to get crazy!

Bonus- Holiday Cards

For those in your life who live far away, send them a holiday card to let them know you're thinking of them. Add your family photos and some custom text to personalize your holiday message. Custom print cards are a great way to personalize your holiday message and to send something completely unique. Even though all our loved ones might not live nearby, a holiday card sent with a little love can make them feel just a little bit closer.

Photo of INES holiday card. There are two cards showing the front and back of a postcard. The left side shows a watercolor pine tree and the right side shows custom font with two photos. by

INGE Printable Holiday Photo Card by Unmeasured Events

Photo of ALINA custom holiday print card that shows the front and back of a postcard. There is a photo on the front of the card which is on the left side of the photo. The ride side of the photo shows a postcard with two photos and custom writing

ALINA Printable Holiday Photo Card by Unmeasured Events

We hope that you found this holiday guide helpful! The Holiday's are right around the corner, and if you're planning an event let us help take the stress away with our easy to use DIY templates. We're always here to help- for any questions or assistance, send us a message via Etsy or Instagram.



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