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Susie & Casey's Retro Classic Dream Wedding

Unmeasured events blog cover with the title and website in the top left with a photo of the bride and groom from the event. all via unmeasured events.

bride and groom driving in a green car with a brick wall behind them. bride is holding a colorful floral bouquet. all via unmeasured events

bride sitting in a coral velvet chair in her wedding dress smiling at the camera looking lovely as plants stand behind her. all via unmeasured events

groom smiling as he gets ready for his wedding looking off to the side. all via unmeasured events

Back in May of this year, our beautiful featured couple, Susie & Casey, tied the knot at Hotel Haya in Tampa, Florida, a contemporary boutique hotel that offers a lot a charm with a vintage feel. Their wedding was a stylish affair, and these two were seriously one of the cutest couples we've been fortunate to witness. Photographer Kearsten Taylor and second shooter Garrett PSD snapped the couple's wedding moments and gave us some of the most cool and lively photographs we've seen yet. Minimalist coloring and unique detailing, combined with an electric atmosphere made up their special day, creating something magical. These two were an absolute dream, and we know you'll love their wedding day photos as much as we did. Follow along to take it all in. It's a must see that will continue to inspire you long after you see the last photographs.

As family and friends watched on, the couple had an intimate marriage ceremony. Casey's face says it all as he watched his stunning bride make her way down the aisle. We can feel the excitement as he saw her for the first time and who can blame him? Susie was radiant as she walked towards her new groom, stunning in her flowing scalloped wedding gown. The lighting on these photographs is bright and luminous, surrounding them in a halo of white light that is incredibly romantic. They exchanged vows aloud to each other, and held hands while looking into one another's eyes. Once they were announced as husband and wife, they celebrated with a passionate kiss as guests cheered them on in celebration. Holding hands and smiling brightly, the couple made their way back down the aisle as newly crowned Mr. & Mrs.

bride and groom holding hands and smiling as they walk down the aisle after being announced husband and wife with guests cheering them on. all via unmeasured events

bride and groom standing with their bridal party in front of a brick building. the bride is being dipped by her groom while bridal party members raise their hands in elation. all via unmeasured events

bride and groom in their wedding attire looking at one another as they walk down the middle of the street while their bridal party walks behind them. all via unmeasured events

After their bridal party photos, the couple enjoyed a ride in the below vintage, sage green colored, open top convertible. These are some of the cutest photos we've seen newlyweds take and the lighting on them is everything! They've got an old school vibe that we are so into, and these two are so gorgeous, they make these photos all the more stunning. Susie was a beautiful bride in her deep cut white gown with a low back and delicate button detailing (we're obsessed), completing her look with flawless makeup and her long blonde wavy locks perfectly held in place. Casey was equally as handsome in a tan ensemble with a classic white shirt and brown dress shoes. His relaxed style is effortlessly cool, and he is by far one of the best dressed grooms we've seen. These two were really enjoying themselves as they took joy-ride, stopping to take pictures or steal a few kisses. Using this cool car as a part of their wedding day photos was creative and unique, and we're absolutely in love with the below photos.

bride and groom about to kiss int heir wedding attire as they stand in the sunlight in front of a light green jeep. all via unmeasured events

bride leaning out of a mint green jeep with her floral bouquet as she looks off to the side. her groom looms in the background. all via unmeasured events

We can't get enough of these two! They are so lovely we wish we could include every single photo from their wedding day because they were that incredible. We've included a few more of our favorites to showcase just how beautiful these two are. Their smiles and their aura of true love and romance are evident throughout- there's nothing better than capturing true love moments like these. Witnessing two people completely in love never gets old, and photos like theirs prove why it's simply the best.

groom raising his new bride up in the street in elation as they look lovingly at one another. a large brick building is in the background. all via unmeasured events

bride and groom smiling for the camera as they stand in a restaurant courtyard in their wedding attire. palm trees and white chairs are seen in the left of the picture. all via unmeasured events

bride and groom touching noses in their wedding attire as they stand in a courtyard decorated with palm trees and twinkle lights. all via unmeasured events

The retro detailing at their reception looked incredible. The soft colors added to its minimalist style, keeping it pretty and light. Clean white settings with white and terracotta florals decorated the tables, along with cans of Liquid Death mountain water for guests to sip on. Their pink rotary phone guest book is one of our favorite items from this part of the wedding, and we can only imagine how their guests reacted to it- what a cute way to have guests sign their well wishes! There was dinner and dancing with their loved ones, and although we weren't there, we can imagine it was an evening to remember. Susie & Casey sat at their head reception table as they listened to celebratory toasts and congratulations. These two didn't stop smiling throughout the night, and it's easy to see why. Dancing for the first time as new cemented husband and wife, they both looked so content and happy as newlyweds.

bride and groom dancing as other guests dance on as well. they're looking up and smiling at one another lovingly. all via unmeasured events

bride and groom kissing in the dark as they stand in front of a neon sign. all via unmeasured events

This photo from the end of their night is amazing. The dreamy lighting, the romance- it looks like the ending of a fairytale. Being invited into Susie & Casey's special day as a tiny part makes us feel so lucky, and seeing all of their beautiful photos will continue to inspire us. Their wedding looked nothing short of incredible, and we wish the happy newlyweds nothing but love and happiness for years and years to come. Cheers to this beautiful couple ❤️


PRIYA Seating Chart

Used at their wedding reception, the couple chose this sign to help guests find their reception seating arrangements. This design features an edgy handwritten brush font and modern design all placed on a black background. A common question we receive on this chart is how many guests fit and on what dimensions. The following are what we recommend for how many tables and guests you plan on hosting:

∙ Seating Chart - 24x36" (300 guests)- Pictured Below

∙ Seating Chart - 18x24" (150 guests)

We love the white frame around the sign to give it some edge and style. This sign is also completely editable to your liking, but this sign truly looks its best in all black and white. Print this sign on a foam board at your local Staples, Office Depot, Walmart, etc. or utilize our favorite printer Prints of Love! They offer free 2-3 day shipping and plant a tree with every order. You'll get high quality products you'll love straight to your door.

PRIYA Collection seating chart from unmeasured events that features an edgy handwritten brush font and modern design on a black background. wedding reception is in the background. all via unmeasured events.

Susie & Casey's wedding was an absolute dream to be a small part of, and we feel so lucky to witness these photos. We always love being included and seeing our work in action, and this wedding was one of the cutest and most fun we've seen. The retro vibes were off the chart and incredibly swoon worthy with its romantic stylings. What did you think of their Tampa wedding? Let us know. Send us a message via Etsy or our Instagram. We want to hear from you! Already planning the best day of your life? Congratulations! We're always here to help make event planning fun and easy. Don't miss the 10% off savings discount below.



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Second Photographer | @garrett.psd

Videographer | @alexdezfilms

Venue | @hotelhaya

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Jewelry | @kieferjewelers

Phone Guest Book |

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Wedding Inspiration | @lookslikefilmweddings

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