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Mehaik & Imaad's Westlake Village Inn Anniversary Party

Cover photo for the blog for Unmeasured Events that features two photos and the title of the blog and website below. All Via Unmeasured Events

Photo of a couple in traditional Indian wedding attire underneath a chandelier looking at one another lovingly. All Via Unmeasured Events

Anniversary parties are on the rise, and we are here for it! Many couples did not get to celebrate their unions with guests in attendance due to the pandemic, and weren't able to have the party that they dreamed about. It's a chance to be able to celebrate with their loved ones just like it was the first time. This was the first one we've been a part of, and it all turned out wonderfully. Photographer duo Arina & Alexander, known professionally as Balerina Films, photographed their special day in all its beauty (there is also great videography of their anniversary party that you can view on their instagram page HERE. We highly recommend visiting it). Mehaik & Imaad's California Anniversary Party at The Westlake Village Inn, a boutique hotel and spa, is different from the weddings we've previously featured, but in the best possible way. We promise as you read through that you'll love it as much as we did.

There were so many beautiful photographs of Mehaik & Imaad that we wanted to include as many as we possibly could! Since the couple had already been married, there wasn't any typical first look photos or bridal party shots, but we're not complaining. There's something so magical here about it just being the two of them. The couple wore traditional Indian wedding attire, and mixed in a few nontraditional elements. The groom opted for a red and gold sherwani outfit and the bride stunned in a gold beaded sari look, complete with her hands decorated in intricate henna tattoo (this is a very common practice as part of Indian wedding ceremonies. You can learn more about those traditions HERE). Aren't these photos so incredibly romantic?

Couple in traditional Indian wedding attire holding hands and smiling and looking lovingly at one another. All Via Unmeasured Events

We are obsessed with the color palette that was used throughout the party. All white linens and table settings were perfect and subtle, allowing the florals to stand out. Bright pinks and oranges mixed in with subtle blush and peach colored flowers made for an incredibly magnificent tablescape and decorative atmosphere. Pampas grass and bunny tail arrangements added a nice boho touch, giving it a little something extra. Even the cake matched the color scheme with a gorgeous cascade of bright florals along its side- seriously, how amazing does that look? Our favorite item is the bride and groom's reception table, with a frame of flowers surrounded them. Perfect for capturing them in memorable photographs.

Indian Bride in traditional Indian wedding attire dancing for the audience at her anniversary party. All via Unmeasured Events

One moment we couldn't get enough of was the dance that the bride performed for the groom with several other women dressed in similar styles. Performative dancing is just one of the many traditions in an Indian wedding, and we are so jealous we weren't there to personally witness this ourselves! Throughout the reception there was dinner and dancing, and the couple cut their cake while drinking champagne, looking effortlessly flawless. We love how their special day included both traditional elements while adding in their own style and feel. After seeing these photos we want to know more about their wedding traditions and culture, as we are fascinated with everything that is happening. Seeing other cultures and traditions in real life events is always so inspiring and we always feel incredibly lucky to witness them.

Bride and groom in traditional Indian wedding attire drinking champage infront of their wedding cake. boho florals can be seen in the background. All via Unmeasured Events

Bride and groom in traditional Indian wedding attire dancing infront of family and friends at their wedding reception. All via Unmeasured Events

The couple shared a dance in front of their guests while looking lovingly at one another. How beautiful do they both look as the spotlight shines down on them? We can feel the love and romance radiating through this photo, and we are so ecstatic that the couple was able to celebrate their anniversary with their loved ones. We wish nothing but the best for Mehaik & Imaad and send our well wishes.


The ADELLA Collection (with a twist!)

For their anniversary party, the couple went with a couple of pieces from our ADELLA collection, but adding their own twist. Changing the color to match their event needs (and add in a traditional element), they went with a golden turmeric toned font and kept the same edgy handwritten script that makes this collection beautiful and minimalist. One of the things we mention when talking about our products is that they are completely customizable, and the photos below are a perfect example of just what that looks like.

ADELLA Wedding Welcome Sign

To bring guests into the evening, the couple went with this wedding welcome sign for a warm invitation into the night. The gold and yellow turmeric color of the font here looks pretty and simple but still effortlessly stunning. This template is offered in sizes of 18x24", 24x36", or 36x48" giving you options for how large you want it to be. We love the minimalist look by having the sign stand completely on it's own, allowing other details of their reception to be the main focus.

The ADELLA collection wedding welcome sign from unmeasured events as well as ADELLA collection table place cards on a table with a big white vase and tree branches sticking out. All Via Unmeasured Events

Large close up of the ADELLA Collection wedding welcome sign from unmeasured events on a reception table. All Via Unmeasured Events

ADELLA Name Place Cards

As guests walked into the reception, they were greeted with these custom name place cards to notify them of their seating arrangements. They can be made into either flat cards or tented cards, both measuring in at 3.5x2" (although we love a flat piece, we recommend the tented pieces for better placement). All of our stationery pieces can be printed at home for your convince, as well as any professional pinter. If you're looking for a professional, check out our favorite at Prints of Love. They offer free 2-3 day shipping and will deliver high quality products right to your door.

tented name place cards from the ADELLA collection from Unmeasured Events on a reception table and enlarged for detail. All Via Unmeasured Events

ADELLA "Let's Eat" Table Menu

At their reception dinner, the couple went with our "Let's Eat" dinner menu template, sticking with the same yellow, turmeric and white color scheme as the rest of their stationery. Our DIY printable wedding menu template features handwritten fonts and a modern minimalist design. Offered in sizes of 5x7" or 4x9" (pictured below) and can be printed at home for easy convenience. Perfect for keeping with the elegant and minimalist style, and they look so cute tucked into folded linens.

wedding reception table with the ADELLA "let's eat" menu from unmeasured events. Silverware and glassware can be seen in the background. All Via Unmeasured Events

This was the first anniversary party that we have been a part of, and we loved it! We have a feeling this type of party will become increasingly popular in the future and we can't wait to see it. What did you think of their anniversary party? Did we miss something regarding tradition that we should be aware of? Tell us! Let us know what your favorite part was and what you loved. Send us a message via Etsy or Instagram- we want to hear from you! Planning your special day? Congratulations! Let us help take the stress out of event planning- For more wedding inspiration, subscribe to the email list, follow us on Pinterest and scroll down below to save 10% on templates. That way, you can focus on what really matters.



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Venue | @westlakevillageinn

Event Planner | @xquisiteevents

Florals | @butterflyfloral

Makeup | @beautybylindac

Bride's Attire | @shehlachatoor | @bridesofsabyasachi | @sabyasachiofficial

Henna Artist | @hennabysheetal

Cake | @jandlcakes

Rentals | @mtb_event_rentals

DJ | @sodjla

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