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Khailey & Michael's Lake Michigan Wedding at Elberta Life Saving Station

Unmeasured Events Cover photo for the blog the features two photos as well as the tile of the blog and website. All via Unmeasured Events

couple kissing in their wedding attire with Lake Michigan and some tress in the background. Groom holds the bride's colorful floral bouquet. All via Unmeasured Events

On a late summer day near Lake Michigan, our featured couple Khailey and Michael, tied the knot at Elberta Life Saving Station, a popular wedding venue located right on the lake in the town of Elberta, MI. The day offered clear skies and views of the lake, blue water sparkling like diamonds. Both bride and groom looked spectacular, and the day was fantastically captured by West Michigan photographer Emilee Kristine who kindly let us peek into the couple's wedding day and we couldn't be more grateful. Scroll along with us as we look into the magical summer wedding of these two beautiful newlyweds.

photo of bride tapping her groom on his shoulder as she is about to surprise him with a 'first look'. they are standing in the forest. All via Unmeasured Events

bride and groom reading from vow books as they have a small little ceremony infront of Lake Michigan in their respective wedding attire. All via Unmeasured Events

The couple shared a first look and had a mini private ceremony where they exchanged vows and written sentiments. You can almost hear their hearts beating as she taps on his shoulder in the anticipation of seeing one another for the first time. The bride stunned in a flowy lace gown with intricate detailing and a long train. Her pink toned floral bouquet matched perfectly, and was such a beautiful accessory. Her groom looked equally as handsome in his navy blue suit and matching floral pin, and the smile on his face that never seemed to go away. The photo below is one we absolutely loved, showing off the details of their wedding bands as they hold one another tight and embrace.

close up photo of the bride and groom's wedding bands as groom embraces bride from behind. she is holding her colorful floral bouquet. All via Unmeasured Events

Blue skies and the sun shining down on everyone made this look like the perfect day for their outdoor wedding. With stunning views of the lake behind them, and standing underneath a floral archway, Khailey and Michael were married, kissing to commemorate the moment. As friends and family looked on, the two were married in the summer air, and were announced to the crowd as husband and wife. Raising their hands in celebration, the two strolled down the aisle as newly cemented husband and wife, with guests cheering in celebration. The smiles on their faces says it all, their happiness radiating through these photos.

Bride and groom raising their hands in celebration after getting married and walking down the aisle. both are smiling and in their respective wedding attire. All via Unmeasured Events

How fun are these bridal party photos?! The bridesmaids look stunning and perfect for summer in various shades of pink, and the gentlemen were dressed so sharp in navy blue suits and light blue ties to match the groom. The contrast of the two different colors works so well together and is even better amplified with the brightly colored floral bouquets. If you look closely, you can even see a groomsmen kicking his leg up in celebration!

photo of a wedding reception table set-up that is in all white with greenery table garland and place settings. a "Ann Arbor no.5" wooden sign hangs in the background. All via Unmeasured Events

Their reception took place right inside the life saving station and was elegantly decorated with leaf garlands, and all white settings. Guests were treated to dinner and cocktails, followed by an enjoyable night of dancing. One item we can't get enough of is the little dog cake topper placed perfectly on one of their desert trays. We always love when dogs are included in special events! We can only imagine what the night was like, and we hope it was absolutely wonderful. As the sun went down, and the weather became cooler, Khailey draped a jean jacket over her lace wedding gown and continued to sway with her new husband, as the city lights twinkled in the background.

bride and groom dancing outside on a wooden deck in their respective wedding attire. both are smiling as guests look on. All via Unmeasured Events

couple kissing and dancing at night on a wooden deck as guests look on and dance. All via Unmeasured Events

couple holding hands in their respective wedding attire and walking away from the camera while they look lovingly at one another. The sun is just starting to set and there are trees in the background. All via Unmeasured Events

One of our favorite photos is the one above where Khailey and Michael hold hands and they walk off into the sunset. They both look so happy and beautiful in their wedding attire, smiling and glowing. We wish the happy newlyweds nothing but the best!

SPOTTED: The ADELLA Collection

For their beautiful summer wedding, the couple chose to use several pieces from our best selling ADELLA Collection. This collection is perfect for the bride who is looking for elegance and stunning minimalism all in one look. This look features an edgy handwritten font and a modern minimalist design with classic detailing. Khailey and Michael even included a piece to incorporate their beloved dog! For an outdoor summer wedding where the surroundings itself are already stunning, a design that is beautifully understated is the perfect choice. Matching stationery templates always look cohesive and glamorous, giving you a style and look you will love.

ADELLA Wedding Programs

At their wedding, the couple used these beautiful DIY wedding programs. This design is sleek, classic, and never goes out of style. If you're printing inside the United States, the measurement on this program before folding is 8.5x11. For those looking to print in the UK/AU/EU, those measurements are 297x210mm. You can edit the wording on both the inside and outside of the folds on this template to perfectly say everything you need for your magical event.

ADELLA collection wedding template from unmeasured events that features an edgy handwritten font and minimalist design. brochures are placed on a wooden table. All via Unmeasured Events

ADELLA Custom Signage

These 4x6" customizable signs are adorable. Khailey and Michael used them at their reception to display their desserts and treats. These signs can be printed in either portrait or landscape mode (shown below) for your convenience. Easily editable, you can change the fonts, backgrounds, colors, and even add photos. Now how do we get our hands on one of those cupcakes?!

ADELLA collection custom sign for the desert tray that features the same edgy handwritten font and minimalist design. cupcakes can be seen in the background. All via Unmeasured Events

ADELLA Seating Chart

Let your guests know where they will be seated at the reception with this customizable seating chart! We love how it's propped up to perfectly show all of its detail. One of the most common questions we receive on this chart is how many guests fit on what dimensions. The following are what we recommend for how many tables and guests you plan on hosting:

Customizable templates for the following items:

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ADELLA collection seating chart that is placed up on steel props. This design features a modern edgy handwritten font and minimalist design and lays out all of the guests and their seating arrangements. All via Unmeasured Events

ADELLA Custom Signature Pet Sign

If you ask us, you can never have enough of your dog (or dogs) and pets in your wedding day. Khailey and Michael used this sign to showcase their fur baby on this featured template, giving the dog its own signature drink! This custom signature drink sign features an edgy handwritten font and an easy to use photo slot, so you can add a picture of your fur babies. Fonts, colors, and background are completely editable. Sized at 8x10" (below that is turned vertically), or 16x20" for a larger choice. Guests will love how fun and unique this sign is!

ADELLA collection pet sign that has the same edgy handwritten font and minimalist design that features a photo of a dog detailing the signature drink based on the dog. All via Unmeasured Events

ADELLA Wedding Welcome Sign

The couple used this sign to welcome guests to their wedding as they walked in. Placed on a metal stand, it held up in the sunshine and was proudly on display. This template is offered in sizes of 18x24", 24x36"(shown below), or 36x48" giving you options for how large you want it to be. You can print foam boards at your local Staples, Office Depot, Walmart, etc. or you can utilize our favorite printer Prints of Love! They offer free 2-3 day shipping and plant a tree with every order. 🍃 A win-win for your events and the environment.

ADELLA wedding welcome sign placed outside on wooden posts. There are trees and lake Michigan in the background. This design features an edgy handwritten font and minimalist design. All via Unmeasured Events

ADELLA "Let's Eat Menu"

Khailey and Michael chose this "Let's Eat" dinner menu for their wedding reception. Our DIY printable wedding menu template features handwritten fonts and a modern minimalist design for an elegant design. Offered in sizes of 5x7" or 4x9" (pictured below) and can be printed at home for easy convenience. Perfect for the bride who wants a sophisticated, sleek style. We love the leafy garland around it!

ADELLA collection let's eat menu that is placed on a white table with green garland around. it. this design features an edgy handwritten font and a minimalist style. All via Unmeasured Events

We are so honored to have been a part of Khailey and Michael's special day. Everything looked truly magical. Are you planning your special day? Congratulations! Let us help take the stress out of event planning- For more wedding inspiration, subscribe to the email list, follow us on Pinterest and scroll down below to save 10% on templates. That way, you can focus on what really matters.



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