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Grant & Jordan's Backyard Elopement Send-Off Party

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couple kissing outside a residential street in the summer. she is holding a colorful floral bouquet. all via unmeasured events

This week, our real event is something a little more intimate. Our featured couple, Jordan & Grant, had a romantic backyard ceremony that started as an elopement send off party between family and friends, that turned into something else entirely. Taking place in a suburban residential neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina, the couple surprised their friends and family with a night they wouldn't forget. What looked like a farewell party turned into a ceremony for friends and family, and it couldn't have turned out sweeter. Photographer Megan Dellinger was there to capture it all, from beginning to end, and all the sweet moments in between. Their surprise is something you just have to see, and we can't wait to show you. Keep scrolling to see just how lovely the day turned out for this gorgeous couple.

man in a white t-shirt holding a guitar about to speak into a microphone in a residential backyard. all via unmeasured events

For their party, the couple had tables decorated with white linens, colorful floral arrangements, and large orb bulbs strung up for party lights. Guests were treated to live music and cocktails, while they mingled and enjoyed conversations with friends. Grant & Jordan made their way to the microphone, giving attendees quite the surprise by announcing that what was supposed to be a laid back get together, was actually an intimate ceremony for their closest loved ones. In front of everyone, they had a romantic and casual ceremony, where they exchanged vows and shared their love. Holding hands with luminous smiles on their faces, they said their "I do's", cementing it all with a passionate kiss, while those in attendance wildly cheered them on. Looking at their faces, you can see how happy and excited guests were for Jordan & Grant, and how magical it was to witness something to so incredible. What a wonderful day this must have been for all involved!

man and woman standing next to a musician in a white shirt as man in blue shirt is talking into a microphone in a residential backyard. all via unmeasured events

men and women gathered in a residential backyard all laughing and smiling and looking at something off-screen. all via unmeasured events

man and woman kissing after being pronounced husband and wife in a residential backyard. all via unmeasured events

men and women gathered for a surprise elopement in a residential backyard- they are raising their hands in elation. all via unmeasured events

After the congratulations between family and friends, the couple took a stroll through the neighborhood to grab a few moments alone, and to take some couple's photographs. The way they're looking at each other and holding hands it so incredibly romantic, we love to see it. With the glow of the sun shining down, it gave their photos a golden shine, highlighting how lovely these two are.

couple holding hands and looking at one another as they walk down the streets of a residential neighborhood. all via unmeasured events

close up of a man and woman smiling for the camera as they stand in a residential street as the sun is starting to go down. all via unmeasured events

The night carried on in celebration, with family and friends taking turns wishing the couple well, and expressing their surprise. There was music and happy conversation, along with drinks and of course, that incredible looking charcuterie board below! What was supposed to be an elopement send-off for the happy couple turned into an intimate ceremony, a shared experience for everyone to have, and a wonderful memory to cherish. A special night amongst closest family and friends will always be priceless, and although we weren't there, we can only imagine how memorable it all truly was.

man and woman about to kiss in the middle of a residential area as the sun is string to go down. all via unmeasured events

Grant & Jordan's day certainly looked like one for the books! Nothing is sweeter than celebrating your love with family and friends, and we can only imagine how incredible of a time it was for all involved. These two look so happy and in love, and it's moments like these that we can't get enough of. We want to wish the happy couple nothing but the best- congratulations on your special day!


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ADELLA modern minimalist collection wedding welcome sign featuring a modern minimalist design and an edgy handwritten font. sign is placed in a backyard on a sunny day. all via unmeasured events

wedding guests during a backyard reception. there is also the ADELLA wedding welcome sign from unmeasured events featured. this sign features a modern minimalist design and an edgy handwritten font. all via unmeasured events

Grant & Jordan's backyard elopement send-off was so adorable and sweet! We loved how wonderful the dayturnede out, and they both look so happy. It's always such a joy to be able to show off our work in the real world, and to be a small part of someone's special events. What are your thoughts on their backyard ceremony- we want to hear from you. Send us a message via Etsy or instagram. Are you already planning the best day of your life? Congratulations! We're always here to help you plan your best event yet. Don't miss the 10% off savings discount below on DIY templates to help make event planning easy.



Photographer | @dellingerphotography

Stationery | @unmeasuredevents

Food, Beverages, & Flowers are all courtesy of bride, groom

and their respective family members & friends

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