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Baby Shower Ideas- Honeycomb Mama to Bee Baby Shower

Cover photo card for the Unmeasured Events Blog. Card is on a grey colored background with the title up at the top and the blog address on the bottom. There is a photo of the golden honeycomb cake. By Unmeasured Events and featured on the Unmeasured Events Blog

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If you're planning a baby shower or know someone who is, picking a party theme can seem overwhelming- there are so many different styles or ideas for you to choose from. Not sure where to start or looking for some party planning help? We have a baby shower idea that we think you're going to love and that is perfect for a spring or summer baby shower. Keep reading to see our collection of items to inspire you to help you create an adorable and memorable baby shower that every Mama to Bee will adore.

Honeycomb Invitation Suite

Invitations are an important part of planning any event, and for a baby shower having a few extra pieces of information can be extra helpful. This honeycomb invitation suite includes an event invitation measuring 5x7", a books for baby card, and a diaper raffle insert, both measuring at 5x5.4", featuring watercolor honeycombs, white and yellow florals, and golden honey bees with custom fonts. You will love the additional cards that come with this invitation suite that will have guests bringing extra diapers and to help you build your baby's library. Each piece of stationery is customizable for you to edit to your exact event specifications.

ROMY Collection invitation suite by Unmeasured Events that features an invitation, a books for baby card, and a diaper raffle card. All are placed o a white table with pampas grass as a decoration. All by Unmeasured Events and featured on the Unmeasured Events Blog

ROMY Collection Invitation Suite by Unmeasured Events

Wooden Bumblebee Garland

Instead of a traditional banner, add a wooden garland to dress up your baby shower. These handmade wooden bumblebees are adorable and offer a unique look to your party decorations. Each bee is connected with rope in order to hang the garland above any surface or to be attached to any wall. String multiple strands together to create a decorative wall or place one over one table or fireplace for a statement decoration. Offered in either 27 or 44 inch pieces so you can choose the size that works best for you.

photo of a wooden bumble bee garland hung up on a wall with rope and enlarged to show detail. There are five wooden bees shown in the photo and a green plant can be seen at the bottom. featured on the Unmeasured Events Blog

Wooden Bumblebee Garland by Sibbery Wood

Gold Honeycomb Napkins & Paper Plates

Serve snacks and desserts on decorative paper plates with matching napkins. These white, gold honeycomb and bee styled paper plate are the perfect for this baby shower theme. Hosting a party already involves a lot of work, so why not eliminate an extra chore by using disposable paper products? We love the gold foil honeycombs, and the watercolor print makes for a pretty design.

photo of white and gold honeycomb designed paper plates and napkins all aligned in a counterclockwise position. All products are enlarged to show detail. featured on the Unmeasured Events Blog

Gold Honeycomb Napkins & Plates by Fancy Celebration

Gold Rimmed Plastic Cups

Plastic cups don't have to be boring or plain- give your plastic drink ware a more stylish look with these gold rimmed plastic party cups. The color and style are absolutely perfect for a honeycomb bumble bee baby shower, and will look anything but simple.

photo of gold colored plastic cups with a gold rim with liquid being poured in. Enlarged to show detail. featured on the Unmeasured Events Blog

Gold Rimmed Cups by Epic Event Decor

Wood Honeycomb Coasters

Keep your tables safe from liquid stains during your event with these beautifully handcrafted wooden coasters shaped like honeycombs. The bee designs and tiny honeycomb circles are delicately designed and come in a matching shaped holder. They are a fun decoration that are great for this baby shower theme, and will also protect your wooden tables. You can even use them long after the party ends- they are beautiful enough to continue to use for any occasion or give them as party favors to guests.

wooden honeycomb coasters held in a large honeycomb wooden display case. Photo is enlarged to show detail. Some wooden coasters are designed like bees. All sit on a dark cherry wood table. featured on the Unmeasured Events Blog

Wooden Honeycomb Coasters by Laser ASMR

Yellow & White Florals

A floral arrangement is a gorgeous decoration to add to any event. We love floral arrangements because you can pick and choose the style and colors that you want to create a look to match your event. This boho inspired floral arrangement features soft yellow and white florals mixed with pampas grass and bunny's tail cotton that is not only beautiful, but whose colors work well with your honeycomb baby shower theme. Look for florals that are gold, yellow, or white in color for a bumble bee inspired floral design.

white and yellow florals mixed in an arrangement with pampas grass, baby's breath and a variety of other grass and flowers. Floral arrangement is in a mustard yellow handmade vase. featured on the Unmeasured Events Blog

Yellow & White Floral Arrangement by Bella Paper Flora

Golden Cheesecloth Table Runner

Cheesecloth table runners can instantly dress up an ordinary table and make it more stylish. They are made of higher quality material than a regular tablecloth and although not very expensive, are much nicer than regular plastic ones. We recommend table runners that are machine washable so guests aren't worried if they accidentally spill on it. This golden yellow color is perfect for a honeycomb baby shower, but this company offers table runners in an assortment of colors if you're looking for another shade.

photo of a honey golden yellow colored cheesecloth table runner draped along a white floor and wooden table to show detail. A white ceramic vase sits on top. featured on the Unmeasured Events Blog

Honey Yellow Tablecloth Runner by By Fern Studio

Bumblebee Inspired Desserts

No baby shower is complete without dessert! How adorable is this golden honeycomb and bee inspired cake? The gold fondant honeycombs look almost too good to eat (who are we kidding, we're going to eat it)! If cake is not your thing, cupcakes with bee or honeycomb decorated toppings also work really well or search for bakeries that can create theme cookies. It's a cute addition to this baby shower theme and everyone will be impressed that you went the extra mile to have the desserts match your event.

photo of a gold honeycomb cake that has a white base and gold honeycombs along with bumblebees decorated on the cake. Cake is on a cake stand is surrounded by cupcakes with gold honeycomb toppers in plastic containers on either side. featured on the Unmeasured Events Blog

Bumblebee Inspired Cake & Cupcakes by Iced Innovations Cakes

Honeycomb "Time Capsule" Cards

A fun and cute idea for a baby shower is having guests write predictions or sweet messages for the new baby to read when they are much older. Place the large 8x10" template in a frame or placed along with the matching 5x4" cards for guests to write their well wishes and hopes on. These templates feature custom large golden honeycombs and bumble bee graphics with playful fonts- perfect for a mama to bee baby shower! For more matching stationery or games in this collection, you can find all pieces here.

Unmeasured Events ROMY collection time capsule card that features one large template with the time capsule instructions and two smaller cards for someone to write on. Card features a custom font and honeycomb graphic. By unmeasured Events and featured on the Unmeasured Events Blog

ROMY Collection Time Capsule Cards by Unmeasured Events

Handmade Honeycomb Shaped Soaps

Give your guests party favors or gift bags to thank them for coming to your party. These honeycomb shaped handmade soaps are made from oatmeal, and have bumble bee or detailed honeycomb designs etched in and are perfect party favors. Pick from a variety of scents, including honeysuckle, and place them in organza bags for a stylish and fun gift that your guests will adore.

photo of oatmeal colored honeycomb shaped sods with bumblebee designs on them. They are tied in white clear bags and are sitting on a wood table with floral arrangements. featured on the Unmeasured Events Blog

Honeycomb Soaps by Elegant Art by Farnaz

Honeycomb Photo Prop Cutout

At any baby shower, there are going to be tons of photos taken to remember the moments. A fun way to capture these photos is with a photo prop custom cutout. It features the same style and graphics as the invitation so that your baby shower stationery can be cohesive and align with the theme. Size measurements are 24X36" to be printed on mounted poster or foam board and cut. A professional printer can help with extra large projects. We recommend Prints of Love as our professional printer of choice. To print with them, simply download as a PDF with the 'bleed' option selected and upload to their site as a single file. They will print quickly and provide free 2-3 day shipping. Of course, any office supplier or printing company can also help with your event needs.

Unmeasured Events ROMY Collection photo prop cutout that is sized to resemble a photo frame that is large enough to have people take photographs. Sign is held up on a metal stand on a hardwood floor. By Unmeasured Events and featured on the Unmeasured Events Blog

ROMY Collection Photo Prop Template by Unmeasured Events

How did we do with our mama to bee baby shower planning ideas? Was there anything we missed? Let us know! Reach out via Etsy or Instagram with any questions or for assistance- we want to hear from you and we're always happy to help! Let us help take the stress out of event planning with our easy to use DIY templates to create your best event yet. Sign up below to be added to our list and to receive 10% off when you shop with us at our Etsy store.



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