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Alli & Ben's Rustic Dream Wedding at The Lyons Farmette

unmeasured events blog cover that features two photos from the event as well as the title of the blog and website below. all via unmeasured events

bride and groom in their wedding attire standing next to a donkey wearing a flower crown. they are smiling at the donkey as the stand in a field. all via unmeasured events

Nestled away up in Northern Colorado is The Lyons Farmette, a charming 4-acre farm that offers a quiet and intimate space with a rustic appeal. The farm hosts alpacas, dwarf goats, and even chickens, and with cottonwood trees as a backdrop, it's an incredible beautiful outdoor wedding venue. It also happens to be the location of our featured couples wedding, where they said their "I do's" celebrating with loved ones. Photographer Tyler Paige was on-site for all of the magic, taking photographs of the couples most special event. She was kind enough to share these memories with us, and we are incredibly thankful. Their wedding had everything- beautiful views, perfect detailing, and even some adorable animals that you just have to see! Alli & Ben's wedding was something to behold, and we know you'll adore it just like we do. Keep reading to see the beauty and enjoyment from the newlyweds magical rustic affair.

close up of a very good girl pup smiling for the camera on her human's wedding day. all via unmeasured events

wedding florals, the bride's shoes and a few other details all placed on a turquoise bike as it leans against a chicken wire fence. all via unmeasured events

Alli had not one, but two, first looks, and the reactions for both were priceless! The look of pure happiness on the mens faces were so sweet, showing just how excited they were at seeing her for the first time in her wedding dress. We've always said that some of the best photos come from first looks, specifically the ones where the bride taps her partner on the shoulder. It's almost like you can feel the anticipation. Both men were blown away by Alli, and we don't blame them. She looked stunning, her wedding day look perfect. Ben and his bride took a few moments to soak it all in, and to be by themselves before the rest of the day went. Posing for couple's portraits, the beautiful couple appear so in love with each other, and it radiates through the film, giving us these incredible photographs. You can sense the romance and love coming through, and there's nothing more wonderful.

bride about to tap a man on the shoulder as she surprises him for the first time in her wedding attire. all via unmeasured events

bride tapping her soon to be husband on the shoulder as she is about to surprise him for their first look. all via unmeasured events

groom standing behind his new bride and whispering in her ear while she smiles and holds a colorful floral bouquet. all via unmeasured events

Following the first looks, Alli & Ben had a lovely ceremony with family and friends looking on. Underneath a wooden alter decorated with colorful florals, they exchanged their vows, interlacing their fingers together and smiling throughout the entire thing. They both look so happy, and it warms our heart to see two people so completely in love. Once they were pronounced husband and wife, they celebrated with a romantic kiss, with those in attendance cheering along. Guests sprinkled the newlyweds with rose petals as they made their way down the aisle, laughing along the way. One of the cutest parts was their two French bulldogs, escorted down the aisle wearing their best wedding attire. Look at these two! They are so cute, we can hardly stand it! We also love the couple's wedding colors which can be seen in their bridal party's attire- rich turquoise, cerulean, and navy blue all woven together to conceive a color stunning palette.

close up of a very good boy wearing a blue floral bowtie as he is about to walk down the aisle. all via unmeasured events

close up of a very good girl wearing a pearl collar as she is about to be escorted down the aisle. all via unmeasured events

wooden sign with white writing that reads "welcome to our unplugged ceremony. please turn off cellphones and cameras and enjoy this special moment with us. thank you". a blue truck can slightly be seen to the right. all via unmeasured events

bride and groom holding hands and smiling as they walk dow the aisle after their wedding ceremony. member of their bridal party and guests are cheering them on. all via unmeasured events

bride and groom with their bridal party all in various shades of blue, turquoise, and blue-ish greens. they are all laughing and smiling. all via unmeasured events

Once the ceremony and family portraits were completed, Alli & Ben took some time to take photographs with the cutest wedding guests we've ever seen. First up was Betty The Beverage Burro, an 11 year old sweetheart burro who was adorned with a beautiful pink flower crown and a precious face! Her handler made sure she was safe and had a good time as she posed for some photos with the happy bride, groom, and their guests. She is an absolutely beauty and we are so jealous others were able to pet her! The couple then brought their two adorable French bulldog pups into the mix. These two are so cute we can't stand it, and they definitely stole the show! These moments created something fun and carefree, and they make for perfect family portraits. We love that they chose to incorporate some furry friends for their wedding, and we're sure the guests did too.

donkey wearing a pink floral crown and holding two wicker baskets on her back as she is escorted on a teal leash- a woman is offset on the right side. all via unmeasured events

bride and groom smiling with a donkey wearing a pink floral crown as they stand in a field. all via unmeasured events

bride and groom smiling and holding their French bulldogs playfully as they stand in a field in their wedding attire. all via unmeasured events

Following their playtime with the animals, the couple made their way to their outdoor reception. Nothing could stop them from having the time of their lives, not even a little rain. Ben was a true gentlemen, holding up a clear umbrella to keep his new bride from receiving some raindrops as they made their entrance. The hardwood reception tables were neatly decorated with white lace table runners, blue glassware, and greenery garlands. They kept true to their turquoise blue color scheme, with a map of the world, and all of the places that were special to them that they used for seating their guests- each table a different country of importance. There was a cocktail hour, dinner, dancing, and of course the cutting of the cake. Their two tiered tiramisu version looked absolutely delicious and they fed one another pieces, with large smiles plastered on their faces from start to finish. Although we weren't there, we can picture how incredible it all was, and how much fun all those in attendance had.

bride and groom holding cocktails as they walk into their wedding reception. the groom is holding a clear umbrella over the bride's head to prevent her from getting rained on. all via unmeasured events

turquoise blue neon sign in the shape of a heart with A+B hanging up in their reception bar. all via unmeasured events

bride and groom dancing playfully for their first dance as husband and wife as their wedding guests look on. all via unmeasured events

Don't these two just make you feel so happy as you seem them spinning around on the dance floor, electric smiles on their faces?There's nothing more we love to see than two people completely in love. We can only imagine how incredible their wedding was, and we can see and feel the love from these two in all of their photos, especially this last one. We want to extend a congratulations to the newlyweds and we wish them nothing but the best. Cheers to your new life as a married couple- sending nothing but positive vibes your way.


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two cocktails next to a custom drink sign from Unmeasured Events that features watercolor graphics and writing in a turquoise blue font. sign is in a gold frame. all via unmeasured events

Alli & Ben had such a fun and beautiful wedding! What an absolutely beautiful day for these two. It's always very humbling to be such a small part of someone's wedding and we feel so lucky to have been included. What was your favorite part of their wedding day- let us know your thoughts on Instagram or Etsy. For more wedding inspiration like this, subscribe to our list! Planning the best day of your life? Congratulations! We're here to help. Don't miss the 10% off savings discount below. If you have any questions about anything you see here, shoot us a message.



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