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2022 Wedding Gown Roundup

2022 Wedding Gown Roundup cover for the Unmeasured events BLOG featuring Photo of a bride standing in the entryway to a church wearing a lace and tulle wedding gown with her arms holding out the dress. Bride looks over to her left

2021 is just about over, and with another wedding season in the books, we can officially start looking forward to 2022 wedding season. There are quite a few wedding trends for this upcoming season, but we've collected a few of our favorites that stand out from the rest. From feathers to lace, designer to small collections, we've got it all right here. Keep reading for the top wedding gown styles and trends for the 2022 season that will have you dreaming of your happy ever after ❤ Here is our 2022 Wedding Gown Roundup.

Lovely Lace

Lace is one of those fabrics that is a true classic. There's a reason it continues to appear year after year on the wedding scene. It's pretty and delicate, and adds a soft touch to wedding gowns. Lace overlays will especially be popular, covering gowns entirely, as will intricate designs throughout. For the bride that wants to look feminine and timeless, lace is the fabric to choose. The mermaid train with a detailed bustier on this dress shows this style off and looks absolutely gorgeous.

Photo of a bride siting on a blanket on the beach in a lace, mermaid style dress holding a glass of wine looking over her right shoulder.

Lace Aspen Gown by Sarah Alouache

3-D Florals

Florals continue to be a big trend for the upcoming season, and something that we will see a lot of will be florals in 3-D. This is such a unique way to use have flowers be part of your wedding gown. Famous fashion designer Marchesa really went above and beyond. Petals seem to jump off the dress making it look like nothing we've seen for 2022. Flowers have been carefully added all throughout the fabric, and with off the cuff shoulders, this might be one of the most gorgeous dresses we've ever seen.

Photo of a bride in a 3-d floral gown with a flower crown standing in a white background. Dress is white with dress hung over the shoulder of the bride

Floral Vanessa Wedding Gown by Marchesa

Minimalist Designs

Minimalism wedding dresses are classic and will always be in style. No frills gowns that still stun will continue to be heavily featured next year. While simple, these designs are still beautiful. We love how elegant this dress looks with clean lines and one overall color, which allows the Bride's true beauty to come through. This style of dress pairs well with anything and will compliment every single bride. This is one style that isn't a trend, but rather a timeless tradition that will always be in fashion.

Photo of a bride in a minimalist wedding gown standing on a hardwood floor and in a cabin. Bride is looking to the side and has sultry gaze

Minimalist Wedding Gown by Luom.o

Multi-Style Combinations

Australian Designer Megan Ziems' Bridal Collection is nothing short of flawless. Every dress design looks like it came right out of a fairytale. The attention to detail Ziems gives to her dresses are why they are so stunning. Nothing has been forgotten. We couldn't pick just one favorite, but this particular gown is perfection and it combines multiple trends for 2022. Lace, low neckline, florals, dramatic sleeves. Is there anything this dress DOESN'T have? You will definitely feel like a princess wearing her designs.

Photo of a bride standing in the entryway to a church wearing a lace and tulle wedding gown with her arms holding out the dress. Bride looks over to her left

Tulle and Lace Monet Gown by Grace Loves Lace

Beads and Sequins

It's all about the details in this trend. Beads and sequins can amplify a dress that might otherwise be seen as minimalist when sprinkled in smaller places or tiny patterns for just a little shimmer, or if you're looking for a ton of sparkle, dresses with a lot of these tiny additions are where to look. It's glitter in a grown up way, so you won't end up looking like a disco ball! It looks so beautiful no matter which way it's added in. We can't wait to see this style shine!

Photo of a bride in a beaded, sequined gown showing off the back of the gown. Bride has a beautiful crystal hairpin in and is looking over her left shoulder with left hand on her hip

Beaded Sequined Dress by David's Bridal

Sleeve Details

Big, dramatic shoulders are taking over 2022. Be prepared to see a lot of dresses next season where the sleeves are the main focus of a wedding gown. Huge tulle sleeves were prominent on the runway for this season, as were sleeves that still added flair but were more toned down in style. This style looks dreamy when done right, and will look beautiful in wedding photos for years to come. Sleeve details add some frill and personality to any wedding gown, and we love to see it.

Photo of a bride sitting infant of a window in a dress with puffy sleeves holding a floral bouquet looking dramatically into the camera

Mikado Wedding Gown by Half Penny London

Deep V-Neck Cuts

Plunging necklines are IN for this upcoming season. Showing off your feminine features is sure to turn heads in the best way possible. The deep v-neck style is both sexy and elegant, giving the allure of what's underneath in a classy way. The lace overlay on the chest here is so stunning, covering just the right amount. Those who are confident in showing off more skin will really love this look. As they say, If you've got it, flaunt it!

Photo of a bride walking down the street in a deep v-neck cut dress with a long flow skirt staring dramatically into the camera all while looking beautiful

Harlow Dress by Jenny Yoo

Deep V Cuts at the Back

Did we mention that deep V cuts in the back are also in? There's going to be a lot of skin showing next season! Many designers are now adding in low slits to the backside of their dresses, allowing for a focus on the back of a gown, rather than the front. It's still sexy and feminine, and by showing off a different part of the body, it add a little something extra. Anthropologies bridal boutique BHLDN (pronounced BHLDN) gets this style absolutely right.

Photo of a bride facing forward showing off her back and shoulder in a low cut wedding dress. Bride wears a veil and is standing infant of a brick wall looking down to the right

Low Back Cut Mattea Gown by BHLDN

Two-Piece Masterpieces

This trend has been gaining a lot of traction the past couple of years, and it's going to continue to be a big trend next year. It's not your typical "wedding gown", but it can be made to look like one. We love this trend because the styling possibilities are endless. You can mix and match different pieces to create a wedding look that it all you. It's a different take on wedding attire, but in the best way. Go for a flashy top and minimalist skirt or visa-versa. This is definitely one of the more unique ways to be a bride in style.

Photo of bride standing at the top of a staircase with a two piece bridal set. Bride is wearing a beaded top and flown white skirt showing her two piece bridal set

Demi Top & Grecian Skirt by Match Made Bridal

Bohemian Goddess

The boho style is dreamy and is perfect for spring or fall weddings and is such a fun trend for next year. Think big, flowy sleeves and skirts you can easily move in. Boho wedding styles give us major wanderlust vibes. We know what you're thinking- a wedding dress from Etsy? Hear us out- there are tons of designers on the selling platform with great reputations. Etsy shop 'WeAreReclamation' (under social media called Reformation Designs) is a star seller on the site with rave reviews, and we love their boho styles. It's also a great retailer to find and order custom dresses, all at reasonable prices.

Photo of a bride in a lace, bohemian or bohemian style dress with long, flow sleeves and skirt and has bride standing with her arms out wide. Bride has flowers in here hair and the backside of the dress is shown

Boho Lace Secret Garden Dress by Reclamation

What do you think of our top picks for the upcoming wedding season? Tell us what trend or style you're most excited about for 2022 or something we missed in our wedding gown roundup in the comments below!


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